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Thirdly, you may notice that last week there was an absence of one half of the duo but instead you got the very talented Kyle Treslove who will pop up here and there to keep us company in a few sketches. As will the brilliantly funny comedienne Katie Bridgit O'Brien.

So Stay tuned folks for another webisode tomorrow and please do spread the word and share our page with friends/family/lovers/colleagues. That would be really appreciated and stuff. 

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Here is something you already know by now.. ...MONDAY IS NEW WEBISODE DAY.
What you don't know, is it will feature a new face. .....Oooooh.
We'll be introducing he/she to the world right here on our little website, under the videos tab.

Mondays are by far the worst day of the week...  Still on the bright side, only 4 days off the weekend AND of course more importantly its the day you get another little nugget of comedy gold from Hannah and The Anne of Lea.  



Hannah and The Anne of Lea

Its a Monday and you know what that means...
(Pause for dramatic effect...)

A spiffing new (yes we just used the word spiffing..) Webisode!!!

We hope you enjoy it and do send us comments/suggestions/feedback/love/baked goods.

But mostly Feedback.


And Baked Goods.

It seems there are fireworks in the sky, which can only mean one thing...


Goodness,  what a load of excitement. 

Also its fireworks night or something to do with some bloke called Guy.  
So Happy Fireworks night and after letting off a few bangs (...easy...) and a sparkler or two, why not check in with HANNAH AND THE ANNE OF LEA for a few laughs. Its good for your health. honest. We googled it.